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Amy Rees Anderson is the author of "What Awesome Looks Like: How to Excel in Business & Life". Amy is a highly sought after keynote speaker and a frequent lecturer on college campuses around the country. In addition to being an active angel investor, Amy currently serves on the following Boards:

University of Utah: Center for Medical Innovation

Advisory Board

The Center for Medial Innovation provides you with the means to turn ideas into reality. The Center nurtures an environment that supports students and faculty who not only want to invent something new, but who also want to find ways to launch their invention into the marketplace by providing resources, connections, and expertise. They combine formal education programs, faculty and student project development, and support and facilitation of device development and commercialization that creates a one-stop-shop environment that assists the innovator through ideation, concept generation, intellectual property, market analysis, prototyping and testing, business plan development, and commercialization.

Brigham Young University: Marriott School of Business

Entrepreneurship Founders Board

The mission of the founders is to support the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology by teaching and mentoring students, providing research opportunities, and funding the center's activities. They are guided by three privileges: to learn, earn, and return. To support this mission, the Founders assist in developing teaching materials for classroom use and research opportunities for faculty and students. They also give lectures, team-teach, mentor students in starting and operating their own ventures, arrange internships, and make contributions to help build the center's endowment, cover operating expenses and scholarship programs, and expand entrepreneurship programs at other BYU campuses. The Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology is part of the Marriott School of Business.

Utah State University: Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship

Founders Board

The Clark Center for Entrepreneurship prepares tomorrow's leaders by providing both inside-the-classroom instruction and outside-the-classroom experiences in innovative business thinking, new venture competencies, and ethical leadership to strengthen local, national and global economies and societies. The curriculum and programs are designed to take students through the stages of new venture creation: opportunity assessment, business model development, planning, funding, marketing and growth. The Center helps students develop skills in both enterprise creation and social venturing, and emphasizes entrepreneurship as a leadership model for existing organizations. The Center is part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

The Center for Growth and Opportunity at USU

Board of Directors

The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University produces ideas that transform lives. We do this by exploring the way key institutions in society - business, government, and community - ignite economic growth and increase opportunity for everyone to improve their lives. By acting as a platform to connect academic entrepreneurs with today's most pressing challenges, we are tackling today's toughest questions and training the leaders of tomorrow.

Gary and Jeanette Herbert Foundation

Board of Directors

The mission of the Gary and Jeanette Herbert Foundation is to educate, raise awareness, and promote understanding of the fundamental governing principles of our democratic republic.

Hale Centre Theatre

Board of Trustees

The Hale Centre Theatre's mission is to provide affordable world-class family theatre and theatre education for and by the community. To continue with the current 12-month production schedule that is desired by the audience and to further involve its community, Hale Centre Theatre has established an active donor program called "Ovations" and receives generous sponsorships through local and national organizations. Hale Centre Theatre donates more than 6,000 outreach tickets to various local schools each year and hires actors for more than 350 roles each season. With its new non-profit organizational structure, Hale Centre Theatre appointed a notable Board of Trustees and a National Advisory Board that act on behalf of the public's trust to ensure that the theatre continues to keep up with the desired production schedule and meet their mission statement goals.

Procure Impact

Advisory Board

Procure Impact's mission is transforming lives through the dignity of work. Procure Impact provides a vibrant B2B marketplace that allows purpose-driven companies to procure purpose-driven products made in the Untied States.

AMAR Foundation

Board of Directors

AMAR is an award-winning charity that builds and improves, the lives and livelihoods of some of the world's most desitute people. For 30 years AMAR's teams have provided professional health and education services on a sustained and lasting basis, delivering tens of thousands of medical consultations each year. Whenever possible, AMAR employs local people and uses local resources to bring about sustainable change.

Past Board Service

Utah Valley University

National Advisory Board

Amy serves as Chairman of the National Advisory Board (NAB) for the Woodbury School of Business (WSB) at Utah Valley University (UVU). UVU is the largest university in the state of Utah with over 35,000 students enrolled and the WSB is the largest in the state with over 5,000 students. NAB members play a vital role in helping shape the strategic direction and operations of the WSB by providing guidance, financial support, mentoring for students, contacts to expand recruiting and placement programs, and provide advocacy and support for all other programs. The stature and experience of the NAB members helps to improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of the Woodbury School of Business and Utah Valley University throughout the world.

Brigham Young University: The Wheatley Institution

Wheatley Ethics Advisory Council

The Wheatley center for business ethics and leadership encourages research aimed at improving ways in which the sense of integrity, ethics, and leadership are fostered in the most basic institutions of society, including homes, elementary schools, churches, businesses, professions, and government. Research is directed toward the identification and articulation of core moral principles and the processes by which they can be effectively taught to contemporary and future generations to strengthen and preserve core social institutions. One institutional goal is to be a major center for research and teaching ethics in business and other professions, all with an eye toward enhancing the ability to transmit the virtues that sustain our core institutions to the next generation. Work within this scholarly initiative also recognizes the inevitable connection between ethics and leadership. The Institution seeks to become a center for scholarship and education in effective, ethical leadership in all sectors of society.

University of Utah: David Eccles School of Business

National Advisory Board, Executive Committee

The mission of the National Advisory Board is to promote, enhance and support the welfare and educational interests of the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business in local, national, and international academic, business and governmental communities. Membership consists of President and CEO level business leaders who have strong interest in furthering the school's mission.

Governor's Advisory Team

Special Advisor to the Governor ("Kitchen Cabinet")

Governor Gary Richard Herbert has led the State of Utah to a position of national economic prominence. His unwavering focus on economic development includes attracting businesses and investment to the state while helping homegrown businesses flourish. The Governor currently serves as Vice Chair of the National Governors Association (NGA), and will chair the organization in 2015-2016. As Utah's 17th Governor, he took the Oath of Office on August 11, 2009. Prior to becoming the state's chief executive, Governor Herbert served as Lieutenant Governor for five years.

Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Executive Council

The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charity dedicated to fundraising for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Huntsman Cancer Institute's mission is to understand cancer from its beginnings and to use this knowledge to both create and improve cancer treatments. This year the Huntsman Cancer Institute will provide 100,000 highly specialized cancer treatments to people in the Intermountain West, the United States and beyond. Due to the excellent research programs, Huntsman Cancer Institute is the #1 genetics research facility in the world. As part of serving on the Executive Council each member has the opportunity to act as an ambassador to both the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and Huntsman Cancer Institute. The council's focus is to develop and advise sponsorship activities and ensure that the foundation reaches financial goals through networking and advocacy.

Stella H. Oaks Foundation

Board Member

Stella H. Oaks Foundation's mission is to provide scholarships that enable single-mothers to receive the education and skills training they need to fulfill their educational goals, enter the workforce, and support their children.

University of Utah

Technology Commercialization Advisory Board

The University of Utah is an active laboratory for innovation and has become a leader in technological, scientific, and medical discovery. The University's Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) has become a leader in the commercialization of these discoveries. This success is a result of TCO's ability to vet early stage technologies, de-risk opportunities, and organize teams to find marketable applications of these technologies.

National Association of Corporate Directors

NACD Board Utah Chapter

NACD advances exemplary board leadership - for directors, by directors. The organization provides the information and insights that board members rely upon to confidently navigate business challenges and enhance long-term shareowner value. Importantly, directors and boards turn to NACD to gain the knowledge and wisdom to become a strategic asset to their companies, and NACD amplifies the collective voice of directors in the national dialogue on board governance issues. NACD is focused on meeting the needs of board members, and supporting directors to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Peak Ventures Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Peak Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that was formed by a team of self-made entrepreneurs turned investors. Peak Ventures prefers to lead the out investments as the first institutional capital in. Their typical investment size is between $250k - $1 million. 50% of the deals they look at are in Utah, 25% are outside of Utah but within the Mountain West, and 25% are outside of the Mountain West. Peak is committed to offering more than just their time, they give their time, their expertise, and connections to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Utah Film Commission

Chairman, Motion Picture Advisory Council (MPAC)

Formed in 1974, the Utah Film Commission is a part of the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development, and is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International. More than 900 films and TV movies have been filmed in the Beehive State. In support of the film industry in the State of Utah, Governor Gary Herbert and the State Legislature have approved the Motion Picture Incentive Program. The State of Utah may provide a post-performance financial incentive to production companies in order to help develop a strong motion picture industry presence in the state that will contribute substantially to improving Utah's economy.

Sundance Institute

Utah Advisory Board, Chair of Government Committee

Sundance Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the Institute seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.

Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)

Board of Directors

The Governor's Office of Economic Development Board is charged with promoting and encouraging the economic, commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural, and civic welfare of the state. The board also advises Governor's Office of Economic Development staff on the development, attraction, rentention, and expansion of businesses, industries, and commerce within the state. The Board of the Governor's Office of Economic Development consists of 15 members appointed to four-year terms by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. No more than eight members are from one political party and the membership represents all areas of the state.

Utah Capital Investment Corporation

Advisory Board

Utah Capital Investment Corporation (UCIC) s a $300 million State of Utah economic development program aimed at providing access of alternative or non-traditional capital to Utah entrepreneurs. UCIC invests in venture capital and private equity funds that commit to establish a working relationship with Utah's start-up and business community, and commit to making investments in qualifying companies. Utah companies have raised over $1.1 billion from Utah Capital Investment portfolio funds, and the jobs created will produce over $100 million in tax revenue over the next 10 years.

Utah Technology Council

Board of Trustees, Executive Committee

Utah's premier association, the Utah Technology Council (UTC), has become the essential business resource for life science and high-tech companies seeking to achieve greater success. At its core, UTC exists to foster the growth of the state's 5,000 technology companies, ensure Utah develops the highest quality workforce in the nation, and attract an ever-increasing array of funding. Members join UTC to share insights with industry peers, counsel with government and academic leaders, and receive help from professional service providers and funding resources.

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Board of Trustees

The mission of the Utah Symphony is to give great performances which engage, educate, and enrich lives. The Utah Opera produces with artistic standards and distinction, including new works as well as the classics. The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the success of the Utah Symphony, Utah Opera and Deer Valley Music Festival. Trustees are accountable for the governance of the parent corporation, Utah Symphony & Opera. Trustees exhibit a passion for symphony and/or opera and assure that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its mission and goals.

Salt Lake Chamber

Board of Governors

The Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors provides oversight and guidance to the Chamber Executive Board and professional staff. As such, the Board of Governors, along with its downtown partner the Downtown Alliance Board of Trustees, help set the priorities, work plan, public polices and overall direction of the Salt Lake Chamber. Board members also fulfill a vital role in championing the success of the association, its member entities, and the broader community.

South Valley Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

The South Valley Chamber of Commerce significantly contributes to the economic prosperity of its members and the community. They are dedicated to improving the economic development of the Sandy community and surrounding areas to help improve businesses. They believe small business is the foundation of the economy and provide numerous resources including: networking luncheons, mixers, workshops, mentoring programs, marketing, and exposure for your business online. Chamber members have the opportunity to make valuable connections and promote their businesses to other business owners.

South Davis Community Hospital

Board of Directors

South Davis Community Hospital (SDCH) is a nonprofit medical facility designed to serve the community of Bountiful, Utah and its surrounding regions. SDCH focuses on improving outcomes for patients who require intensive, often long term, specialized care. At SDCH, children and adults of all ages find hope and families find the support they need to redefine everyday life. It is SDCH's mission to enhance the health and well-being of the individuals they serve and commits to serve with excellence and to exceed expectations.

The Leonardo

Board of Directors

The Leonardo is a contemporary museum that draws off of the thinking of Leonardo da Vinci, who saw all knowledge as related and all the world's disciplines as one whole. One goal for The Leonardo is to inspire and prepare Utah students and educators to contribute to 21st century innovation by teaching them to integrate learning with creative, conceptual, collaborative and problem- solving skills focused on science, technology, engineering, math and art. The Leonardo offers free memberships for Utah K-12 educators providing a way for teachers to fuel their personal curiosity and get new ideas for field trips and classroom activities. The Board of Directors and staff at The Leonardo are committed to creating a new kind of science center where visitors can both experience the most current concepts in science, technology and creativity, and be inspired to become innovators in their own right.

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